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priority systems

How to Create A Priority System at Work

By Kayla Matthews   /     Apr 24, 2015  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

You thought your day looked clear this morning, but now it’s lunchtime and you have a million things to do. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. For those of us who succeeded in getting all the work/tasks done, we owe our success to prioritizing. Fortunately, prioritizing isn’t an inherited skill; it’s something that can be […]

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Earth Day leaves

20 Motivational Earth Day Quotes

By Kayla Matthews   /     Apr 20, 2015  /     Motivational Quotes  /     0 Comment

Since April 22, 1970, Earth Day has brought together Americans in celebrating and protecting the environment. The event seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage people to get involved in environmental activities. This year, to get you into the spirit, we share 20 of the best quotes about nature, to motivate you to […]

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man walking in woods

How Being Healthy Makes You More Productive

By Kayla Matthews   /     Apr 16, 2015  /     Health Inspiration  /     0 Comment

Your waistline isn’t the only problem when it comes to poor eating and exercise habits. Research has proven that bad habits like these can also lead to a sharp decrease in productivity. Your brain, the productivity supercenter, is a hungry organ. The brain’s cells require double the amount of energy than any other cells in […]

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Eastern cultures and happiness

What Eastern Cultures Tell Us about Happiness

By Kayla Matthews   /     Apr 09, 2015  /     Cultural Productivity  /     0 Comment

It feels as though we, in the West, spend most of our time in the pursuit of happiness, whether that’s defined as spending time with friends, raising a family or simply curling up at home with a glass of wine and a good TV show. If someone is unhappy, Western thinkers try to assist the […]

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ocean happiness

How to Create a Happiness Workflow

By Kayla Matthews   /     Apr 02, 2015  /     Health Inspiration, Productivity Hacks  /     0 Comment

People want to be happy — it’s a human desire that everyone understands. There’s no single way to create a happier lifestyle. Each person’s life is different, so each person needs to take his or her own approach to being happier. However, what helps is creating a happiness workflow. In many ways, a happiness workflow […]

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super productive new job featured

How to be Super Productive and Get an Amazing New Job

By Joyce Akiko   /     Mar 30, 2015  /     Work Productivity  /     1 Comment

This is a guest post contributed by Joyce Akiko. I used to have thick, heavy nightmares that churned with images of my desk, my boss, and the anxiety triggered by both. Regrettably, waking up wasn’t the answer. I’d quickly realize that the real-life version of my dreams now awaited, and I would become immediately exhausted. […]

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