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people sitting on glacier

Happiness Tips from the Happiest Countries in the World

By Kayla   /     Dec 19, 2014  /     Cultural Productivity, Productivity Hacks  /     0 Comment

Even the United Nations has realized happiness is an essential ingredient to a person’s quality of life. Have you ever wondered why people in some places seem so happy while others seem to just be getting by? Keep reading and learn some suggestions from countries that have been ranked among the world’s happiest places. After […]

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snow falling at night

How to Stay Happy When You Work the Night Shift

By Kayla   /     Dec 15, 2014  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

  Working the night shift after years of typical, sunlit work can be a huge adjustment. Instead of rising with the sun, you might end up waking up closer to sunset. However, working the night shift isn’t all that bad, and you can still be happy and healthy while doing it. Ease Into the Schedule […]

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everything will be alright

How to Say “Everything Will Be Alright” in 12 Different Languages

By Kayla   /     Dec 09, 2014  /     Cultural Productivity  /     0 Comment

Everyone gets a little down sometimes. Sadness is an evitable part of life that not one person in this world is immune to. However, with a bit of help and kindness, sadness becomes treatable. It’s up to each individual to make the world a better place by consoling others regardless of differences. Why It’s Important […]

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king piece in chess

Checkmate on Life: 5 Mental Benefits of Playing Chess

By Kayla   /     Dec 05, 2014  /     Health Inspiration  /     2 Comments

It’s a game that requires strategic thinking, creativity, determination and even the ability to analyze the body language of your opponent: chess. There’s a reason why it’s loved by the brightest of minds, although this might be a false correlation. It could be that highly intelligent people realize their brilliance because they exercise their minds […]

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use meditation for productivity

How Meditation Can Make You More Productive

By Kayla   /     Dec 02, 2014  /     Cultural Productivity, Health Inspiration  /     0 Comment

Ancient practices like yoga and meditation are widely touted for their stress-relieving, life-rejuvenating powers, but did you know that meditative practices can increase your productivity as well? Meditation might appear to have more to do with slowing down than with speeding up, but it turns out that the opportunity to slow down is just one […]

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Never settle for less than you want header

10 Reasons to Never Settle for Less Than You Want

By Kayla   /     Nov 25, 2014  /     Health Inspiration, Productivity Hacks  /     0 Comment

If you’ve always had a dream but never fully pursued it, you could be making a huge mistake. Settling for less than your goals and dreams can cause issues in every part of your life, along with overall negativity, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. If you’ve been tempted to settle for less in the past, here are […]

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