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productive day

23 Good Habits for an Energized and Productive Day

By Mike Fishbein   /     Feb 01, 2017  /     Productivity Hacks, Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

This post originally appeared Mike Fishbein’s website. It has been republished here with his permission.    Habits are what you do on a daily basis to achieve your long term goals. Once something is habituated, it’s like it’s on auto-pilot. It requires less thought and effort to execute. It’s not so much a decision you […]

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goal setting ideas

5 Kinds of Self-Improvement Goals and Ideas to Get Started

By Kayla Matthews   /     Jan 13, 2017  /     Health Inspiration, Productivity Hacks  /     0 Comment

We’re always looking, either consciously or unconsciously, for ways to improve ourselves or the various aspects of our live. Changing things can be a daunting task, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, so we’ve gathered a list of self-improvement ideas and tips for motivation. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of taking […]

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new year's goals

3 Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions

By Kayla Matthews   /     Dec 23, 2016  /     Culture & Communication  /     0 Comment

There’s a reason your New Year’s resolutions are difficult to achieve, and that reason is not you. The problem is New Year’s resolutions themselves. New Year’s resolutions are often very shortsighted or broad, sweeping generalizations about making yourself better. They rarely contain no actionable goals and are predicated on roughly 36 hours of making a […]

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goals for you

Set These 5 Holiday Goals To Fight Stress And Depression

By Kayla Matthews   /     Dec 08, 2016  /     Culture & Communication, Health Inspiration  /     0 Comment

November and December are some of the most exciting months of the year. Halloween is quickly forgotten as November takes over October and Thanksgiving moves to the forefront of everyone’s mind. With the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving coming and going, Black Friday always seems to come too early. Serving as the unofficial start of […]

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control and naming things

How Naming Tasks Makes You More Productive

By Kayla Matthews   /     May 13, 2016  /     Productivity Hacks  /     0 Comment

How important is a name? Let’s ask Shakespeare. “That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.” When Juliet Capulet fell in love with Romeo Montague, she knew her family would never accept him. His last name put him out-of-bounds because the two families had a long-standing feud. Juliet believed that, […]

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