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work hours other than 9 to 5

Why Working 9 To 5 Makes No Sense For Some People

By Riya Sander   /     Mar 28, 2017  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

This is a guest post contributed by Riya Sander. If you’d like to submit a post for consideration on Productivity Theory, please review our writing guidelines here.   Remote working, also referred to as teleworking and telecommuting, is when employees work outside of the office. They could work from home, at a coffee shop, or […]

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wasting time at work

5 Common Time Wasters At Work And How To Fix Them

By Annabelle Smyth   /     Aug 26, 2016  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

This is a guest post by Annabelle Smyth. If you’re interested in writing for Productivity Theory too, check out our Write For Us page!   Thirty-one percent of employees admitted to wasting 30 minutes a day at work. That number shouldn’t be surprising, but what is surprising is that 4% of employees admitted to wasting […]

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10 Strategies to Improve Your Work Productivity

By Kayla Matthews   /     Jul 11, 2016  /     Work Productivity  /     1 Comment

The goal of improving work productivity is easier to set than attain. Taking on everyday goals requires that a person become a well-tuned work machine removed from distractions and ready with techniques to make things easier. Try out some, or all, of these tricks and see if your overall productivity gets a nice boost. 1. […]

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productivity at work

What Is Labor Productivity And What Does It Have To Do With You?

By Kayla Matthews   /     Jul 07, 2016  /     Work Productivity  /     1 Comment

Companies are always looking for new tools, strategies and employees that will make them more efficient and successful. Efficiency is the key to success, and there’s one primary way to measure it – labor productivity. What It Means Labor productivity is total output divided by total input. You basically take the amount of money worth […]

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productive work day

Best Cloud-Based Tools for a Productive Work Day

By Kayla Matthews   /     Aug 24, 2015  /     Work Productivity  /     5 Comments

Cloud-based applications have become quite popular over the past few years. This can be attributed to the fact that everyone seems to be going mobile, opting to use smartphones and always-connected devices like tablets or laptops. While there are some valid concerns when it comes to cloud-based documents and applications – particularly regarding security – […]

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