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being more thankful

All Those Things Your Dislike? Learn How To Be Thankful For Them

By Kayla Matthews   /     Nov 09, 2016  /     Culture & Communication, Motivational Quotes  /     0 Comment

Thanksgiving is on its way. What are you going to say when it’s your turn to say what you’re thankful for? Your family, friends, job, home? It’s easy to be thankful for these things, because they bring you happiness, health and comfort. But what about being thankful for the things that don’t bring you joy? Have you […]

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seasonal quotes - fall

Love Fall? Get In The Fall Spirit With These 10 Quotes

By Kayla Matthews   /     Sep 18, 2016  /     Motivational Quotes  /     1 Comment

Depending on where you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you might have noticed summer has been slowly edging out the door, while fall has been sneaking in while you weren’t looking. Fall brings a crisper feel in the air, brightly colored leaves, maybe even the smell of wood smoke from a fireplace along with the […]

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quotes about change

15 Quotes About Facing Change

By Kayla Matthews   /     Apr 28, 2016  /     Motivational Quotes  /     0 Comment

For most of us, life is about steadiness and stability. While these make for great long-term goals, actually achieving consistent levels of steadiness and stability in our lives is an endeavor that is much easier said than done. Many individuals have begun to embrace personal evolution, growth and change as a path to achieving steadiness […]

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