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7 Mental Benefits of Solving Puzzles

By Riya Sand   /     Mar 22, 2018  /     Health Inspiration  /     0 Comment

Puzzles provide hours of fun and relaxation. You can do them almost anywhere, and it doesn’t require a huge investment. But do you know the benefits of solving puzzles goes far beyond simple entertainment? For example, crosswords boost your vocabulary and increase your general knowledge. And solving them in a group is believed to strengthen […]

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The Benefits of Surrounding Yourself With Positive Energy

By Kayla Matthews   /     Mar 15, 2018  /     Health Inspiration  /     0 Comment

When negative energy takes a toll, start surrounding yourself with positive energy and people. Positive people offer up empathy and compassion, motivating others to follow their dreams and goals while actively caring for themselves. They’re not doormats, either — they accept and move on from negative situations while knowing bad moments don’t make up all […]

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How to Calculate Productivity for Personal and Professional Performance

By Kayla Matthews   /     Mar 14, 2018  /     Productivity Hacks  /     0 Comment

You’ve probably had a conversation with friends about how productive your weekend was. Maybe you cleaned the house, worked on a personal project, did your taxes or renewed your car registration. Feeling productive is good, but it’s not the same as knowing how to calculate productivity. No matter what it is you’re accomplishing, it’s important […]

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