10 Motivating Ways to Start Your Day

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When the alarm clock goes off early every morning, the first thing most of us do is groan. It’s hard to get out of bed where you are nice and warm and comfortable only to head out into a chilly morning to go to an office where you face a full, long day of problem-solving, troubleshooting and slaving over projects that you may or may not enjoy. Don’t you wish that you could get motivated to start the day off on a better note? How about getting pumped to go to work each morning, even when the day’s outlook isn’t great?

We’ve compiled a list of ten different ways to get out of the morning blues and into whatever the day holds. Try one or more of them to find what works to get you motivated!

1. Treat Yourself

Yes, it’s bribery. And yes, it works. Make a plan to stop and treat yourself to your favorite coffee or breakfast on your way to work. Whether that entails a small cappuccino or a cranberry orange muffin, it’s something that you will look forward to each morning. Getting out of bed and heading for the office is a little easier if something you are looking forward to is on the way.

2. Choose a Motto

Whether it is something silly like “Just keep swimming” (Dory, Finding Nemo) or something serious like Nike’s “Just do it,” having a saying that you can easily remember and repeat to yourself can get you over the hump.

3. Do One Thing at a Time

Only focus on what is right in front of you. If you think too far ahead, you are likely to get overwhelmed. Thinking about dinner plans when you have only just awakened in the morning can be a bit much, so instead, think about rolling out of bed, then think about getting a shower, then think about breakfast and so on. Looking at the day in smaller chunks makes it easier to get moving and leave behind the morning blues.

4. Set the Alarm Early

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If you have to hit the snooze button, try setting the alarm to go off about ten minutes earlier than normal. This way you will get up on time, rather than ten minutes late and feeling rushed to get to work on time, and you will find that you can enjoy a few minutes of relaxation. You can do some stretches, read a chapter in a book or even watch a little bit of news before heading off to work.

5. Energize

There are a few simple ways to get energized—eat right, sleep enough and exercise. Eating a good breakfast, making sure that you get enough sleep the night before and adding a few minutes of strength training or Yoga to your morning routine can get you energized and feeling good about the day.

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6. Clean Up

Cleaning can be a surprising motivator. Once you get started, you can easily find a sense of satisfaction in a clean kitchen counter, a neatly put away basket of laundry or a fresh set of sheets on the bed. Starting off with that satisfaction can help keep you motivated to accomplish work and personal tasks throughout the day.

7. Switch It Up

Making a small change in your routine every once in a while keeps the days from growing monotonous. It gives you something to look forward to so that you don’t feel the need to keep hitting snooze until you are late for work.

8. Choose Your Attitude

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Believe it or not, choosing to smile can actually make you feel more positive. When the day looks endless, just paste on that grin and you can start to feel better right away. How you look at things is important. You can either look at the horrible meeting on your calendar or at the exciting lunch date you have planned afterward. Choosing to see the positive things more than the negative can have a significant impact on your day.

9. Schedule Breaks

Working too much can actually have a negative impact on productivity—who knew! Working to power through a project without stopping can cause burnout, but planning breaks into your day gives you something to look forward to and helps keep life in perspective.

10. Look Forward to Something

Whether it’s your beach trip or your home cooked dinner, looking forward to something in the future gives you something to work toward and motivates you to keep going.

No matter what your productivity level, you can always improve. Choose one or more of these productivity tricks to start your day and see how you can make each day even better.

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