10 Reasons to Never Settle for Less Than You Want

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If you’ve always had a dream but never fully pursued it, you could be making a huge mistake. Settling for less than your goals and dreams can cause issues in every part of your life, along with overall negativity, unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

If you’ve been tempted to settle for less in the past, here are 10 reasons why you should never settle for less than you want again.

1. You Will Always Wonder “What If?”

No matter what your goals are, if you settle for something less than your dreams, a part of you will forever wonder “what if?” By settling, you will undoubtedly change the course of your life, making you always curious about how your life would have turned out if you had followed your dreams.

2. You Will Regret It

No matter how content you are with your life, if you’ve settled in some way, you will always regret it. Even if you only feel the sting of regret now and then, this sentiment can lead to a lot of negativity and unhappiness, both of which should have no place in your life.

3. Your Time Is Too Valuable

It’s true that time is our most valuable and also most fleeting resource. To make the most of it and to truly capitalize on the amount of time we have been given, we shouldn’t settle, ever.

4. Fear Can Be a Good Thing

One of the biggest factors that cause many people to settle for less than what they want is fear. Whether it’s fear of being unemployed, fear of being single, fear of failure or even fear of the unknown, it can paralyze dreams, desires and goals in an instant. Instead of letting fear cause you to settle, embrace it and let it stoke the fire that is your passion for accomplishing your dreams.

5. You Won’t Know Your Full Potential

By choosing to settle, whether it is in an unfulfilling career, relationship or lifestyle, you close yourself off to the possibility of realizing your full potential. Never getting to know how successful, happy or fulfilled you could be can be truly tragic.

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6. Being Content Doesn’t Mean That You’re Fulfilled

While you may be happy with your current relationship, paycheck, clothes, car or other things that you have, your lifestyle may just be missing something. Oftentimes that something that isn’t right or the missing puzzle piece in your life could be a lack of fulfillment, often due to settling for less. If you settle for less than what you really want, you may indeed live a happy life, but a life that lacks complete fulfillment.

7. You Can Start To Lose Your Passion for Life

By choosing to settle for less than your desires, in many instances this means squelching your passion. While you may have extinguished a passion for a different career and have settled for a good-paying job instead, losing your passion may not end there. Settling can be contagious, and can effect all areas of your life if you let it.

8. It Can Ruin a Relationship

Even if you’re in the best, most fulfilling relationship you’ve ever experienced, settling for less than what you want can ruin it. As settling in one area of your life can cause major unhappiness in all areas, any platonic or romantic relationship – regardless of how amazing it is – can be at risk.

9. Achieving Your Dreams Feels Amazing

While feeling content can make you feel moderately fulfilled, accomplishing your goals and getting what you want from life can feel absolutely amazing. Any regret, uncertainty or fear that you felt before will instantly turn into happiness and pure satisfaction once you’ve worked hard to get everything you want.

10. Nothing Can Match the Pride You Feel When You Reach Your Goals

Knowing that you’ve done everything that you could to make your dreams come true and that you successfully reached your goals brings not only happiness, but also an intense sense of pride. This feeling is something to relish in, as your hard work paid off in a huge way.

Whether it’s fear, contentment or a lack of motivation that has been holding you back from reaching your dreams, it’s time to make a change.

As settling for less than what you want can take a huge toll on your life and potential happiness, making your dreams and desires a reality is an absolute essential.

So stop making excuses; start making a plan and get everything you want.

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