15 Things You Can Buy That Increase Productivity

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things to buy to increase productivity

With meetings, email notifications and coworkers, it can be easy to get distracted in the office. Luckily, there are plenty of cool gadgets you can invest in to stay focused and ramp up productivity.

Check out the things below that increase productivity at work.

1. AirBar

Cost: From $50 to $110

This sleek device can turn any laptop into a touchscreen, making it easier than ever to interact with your work, including designs, presentations and meetings. Compatible with both Mac and PC, using AirBar is as easy as plugging it into your USB port.

2. Dizaul Solar Charger

Cost: From $20 to $45

If you’re trying to get work done, you never want to be left with a dead phone. This solar charger can be set in a sunny spot or hung on a wall, collecting the sun’s rays. Later, you can connect your dying devices to get a much-needed charge.

3. Yo-Yo Desk

Cost: From $200 to $300

A great way to beat the mid-day energy sap and be more productive at work is to stand up. One study has shown the use of standing desks can lead to a 46 percent increase in workplace productivity. That’s where the Yo-Yo Desk comes in. This tech gadget allows you to convert your desk into a standing workspace at any time.

4. Dialpad

Cost: Varies Based on Business Size

This VOIP system is cloud-based and works off Wi-Fi, not the traditional phone line, meaning you can make calls from your landline, mobile phone and even desktop computer. This ability to make a seamless transition between calls allows you to easily amp up productivity in the workplace.

5. YayaCat Moving Sand Art

Cost: From $17 to $27

To reduce tension and stress at work, spend a couple of minutes fiddling with a small toy on your desk, like this moving sandscape picture. Let your mind wander as the sand creates new shapes and patterns. Afterward, you’ll find you’re more focused on the task at hand.

6. Brother Label Maker

Cost: $80

When you spend too much time searching for things on a desk in disarray, you lose out on time you could be spending on work. Instead, use this label maker to establish an organization system, allowing you to easy print a variety of custom labels, barcodes and more.

7. Bttn

Cost: 79€

In the office, Bttns can be used to create shortcuts for completing common tasks, such as reordering office supplies or booking a meeting room. With just the touch of a button, these tasks become automated and improve productivity in the workplace. They can also increase the efficiency of employees, giving them more time to devote to other tasks.

8. Skypanels

Cost: From $40 to $100

Conventional fluorescent lights can be irritating and lead to eye strain. To create an environment conducive for work, invest in a skypanel light diffuser, which simulates an open space and can help employees feel more relaxed.

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9. Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker

Cost: $60

A smart coffee maker may seem like an overindulgence, but it can actually be used to optimize break times and promote productivity. With a connected app, employees can select taste preferences and schedule brews at just the right times, all without getting up from the desk.

10. DeskCycle

Cost: From $160 to $170

Exercise and physical activity can lead to an increase in energy, which promotes focus and productivity. Now, you can bring the gym to the office with this under-desk bicycle. Burn calories and boost your energy while sitting down and working away.

11. RealTime Board

Cost: From Free to $16 Monthly

This inter-connected whiteboard is cloud-based, allowing workers to brainstorm, create calendars and write out to-do lists from multiple locations around the world. With employees able to instantly connect in an interactive way, productivity and workplace efficiency will greatly improve.

12. Ring Video Doorbell

Cost: From $100 to $500

For the small business with a storefront, the ring video doorbell can be the solution to unwanted guests. When someone rings the bell, you can see who’s at the door without disrupting your work. As a bonus, there’s a motion sensor and night vision to track everyone who enters the office.

13. Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard

Cost: $50

With this multi-device keyboard, you can connect via Bluetooth to complete tasks from various devices at once. From answering text messages to replying to emails, you can work faster and utilize built-in shortcuts to create a more productive work environment.

14. Brookstone Scanner Wand

Cost: $45

Scanning documents is a regular and detested part of office life. Now, scanning is quicker and easier with a handheld Wi-Fi scanner. Once scanned, the document or photo can be wirelessly sent to a computer or other accessible device.

15. Livescribe Smartpen

Cost: From $100 to $200

With a smartpen, you can take notes anywhere — including meetings and interviews — and the gadget will convert your scribbles into text. Paired with an app, you can then organize, tag and search the text you created.

How to Increase Productivity

Whether you’re searching for a cloud-based whiteboard or a smart coffee maker, you’re sure to find something that will increase productivity in the office. Look for the gadgets that will provide much-needed solutions to your workplace needs.

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