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There are three types of people once the morning alarm goes off.

  • Type A are those who get out of bed, and start their day early.
  • Type B persons go for snooze.
  • Type C delay beginning their day by checking on their phones.

So, which one are you?

A majority would probably consider themselves as Type C, and it’s not surprising at all. Studies show that 80 percent of smartphone users reach for their phones, and not just to turn off their alarms.

Among the three, Type A people have it better as research suggests that early risers are happier, healthier, more productive and successful. Which might motivate the Types B and C in this world to become Type A, too.

The question now is how. This would probably be more helpful for Types C as they are on their phones first thing in the morning. Nevertheless, we’ve listed four mobile apps that can help you have a more productive morning.

1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

One factor to a bad morning is waking up tired and weary. Sleep Cycle Alarm clock can help you wake up feeling refreshed by going off during the lightest phase of your sleep.

It tracks your movements when you’re asleep, and analyzes your sleep cycle based on it. With its gathered data, Sleep Cycle can time waking you up during light sleep, which is around 30 minutes.

You have the option of regular snooze, which allows you to determine your snooze time between 1-20 minutes; or the intelligent snooze, which permits you to snooze through the light sleep phase until you completely wake up at your desired wake up time.

Download: (iOS | Android)

2. Stretch!

It is always good to move around a bit once you’ve woken up. Even simple stretching exercises can spell the difference between a good and bad day.

Stretching enables you to gently wake your muscles and body for a productive day ahead. It also relieves muscle tension, improves your posture, and improves blood circulation.

The Stretch! with Michelle Jenneke app is easy to use with its illustrations that show you how to execute the most basic stretches to the more complicated ones. It even has categories targeted for specific muscle groups, so you are free to choose which part of your body you’d like to get moving.

Download: (iOS | Andorid)

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3. Calm

Busy mornings can bring the hustle and bustle of daily life right into your home, and set off the tone for the rest of your day.

Studies suggest that a few minutes of meditation at the start of your day can actually make you more productive. The practice of meditation improves concentration and creativity; reduces stress and anxiety; and draws in more positive energy.

If you’re a beginner looking for guided mindful meditations, you can check out Calm. It offers a step-by-step meditation session that can last for as short as two minutes, or the full session of 20 minutes. You can choose your preferred scenery, and its music track lulls you through a peaceful, mindful meditation.

Download: (iOS | Android)

4. Wunderlist

Another secret to a productive day is having it planned ahead. It allows you to lay down priority tasks, and set aside time for each aspect of your life.

Wunderlist helps you manage your personal and work to-do lists, and get them accomplished through its reminders. From walking your dog, doing groceries, calling back your client, meeting with your colleagues to confirming attendance to a friends’ night out, Wunderlist got you covered.

Download: (iOS | Android)

As the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. It is something to ponder on, especially if you are aiming to step up in your career. So, make your morning grind as productive as possible and get your best shot to soaring higher.

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