4 Starter Productivity Hacks for Startups

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Getting a business off the ground and on the path to productivity can be a huge undertaking. Fortunately, there are several effective and easy ways to save time doing everyday tasks and major transitions as you nurture a new business. Keep reading to find out more about some ides you can start using today to create more gaps in a busy schedule.

1. TaskRabbit

One common struggle of people involved in start-up companies is they often have to wear many hats, meaning their true talents get ignored. TaskRabbit is a website that allows you to turn to people in your community or elsewhere and find assistance with jobs related to sales, customer service, administrative duties and more. You can set a price, and only pay once you’re satisfied with the work performed.

Also, even if you only intend to hire someone temporarily, the website could be a great way to find people that grow your business and maybe even become full-time employees once they’ve proven their worth. Try it if you’re looking for a way to prevent yourself from constantly feeling swamped about ever-growing to-do lists and a perpetual shortage of time in the day.

2. Partner with Professionals to Upgrade Technology

Technology can be both a blessing and a curse for start-ups, and sometimes both of those opposites at once. If your existing computer operating system is outdated and running on Windows XP, that could put you behind the curve before you even have a chance to gain momentum.

Get off to a strong start and depend on a professional team to help you make the switch from an older operating system to something current, such as Windows 8. Fortunately, companies can guide you through the process from start to finish, meaning you won’t waste valuable time struggling with guesswork or managing the logistics.

Migration support is particularly important to handle as soon as possible. Microsoft has announced it will no longer support Windows XP support as of April 2014. Rather than unnecessarily challenging yourself to get your company functioning properly on the new system before that deadline, hire a team of experts who can take care of the transition without hampering your productivity.

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3. Relax and Stay Committed

Many of us become overzealous and plan to work for huge blocks of time without taking breaks, reasoning that will help us get responsibilities done in less time than ever. In reality though, those periods can create excess tension, mental fatigue and frustration.

Make a compromise by committing yourself to certain tasks for shorter blocks of time throughout the day. For example, set aside a 90-minute stretch to meet with a potential investor via teleconference, but once that meeting’s done, grant yourself at least 20 minutes to recharge and take a short break from the rigors of business.

At first, it may seem you’re wasting time by taking breaks, but don’t be surprised if you’re eventually able to get a lot more done. The momentary lapses in an intense day at work can promote relaxation, which can help you harness creativity, tackle problems with greater calmness and feel more confident about taking your start-up to greater heights.

4. vJournal for iOS

You may already be familiar with Evernote, a website and app that acts as an electronic notebook. vJournal works along with Evernote and offers a sleek and practical outlet to jot down and capture your thoughts. This free app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone, and notes are saved for quick offline access.

It works well if you often come up with great ideas on the fly and don’t want to waste the moment by scrambling to find a piece of paper and a pen, only to later realize you’ve lost those hurriedly scribbled notes.

Productivity doesn’t have to be an elusive goal at your start-up business. These productivity hacks can help you make better use of the time you have, leaving more available to spend with loved ones or just away from the office.

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