5 Simple Ways to Stay Positive

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5 Simple Ways to Stay Positive

By Kayla Matthews   /     Feb 26, 2015  /     Productivity Hacks  /     , ,

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In a world filled with a lot of negativity, it can be difficult to find a positive outlook. That’s especially true when you’re personally going through a rough patch.

Staying positive is important when dealing with a negative situation. That’s usually easier said than done, but it’s always possible to find the upside during a bad time.

Here are some methods that can remind you to stay positive no matter what comes your way.

1. Focus on the Present

We have a tendency to worry about the future or wish certain experiences in our past never happened instead of enjoying the moment we’re in now. We need to focus more on the present and take time to experience what we’re doing here and now.

Remember to breathe, take it easy and cherish what you’re currently doing. Worrying about things you can’t change or things that could happen will only make you more anxious for no good reason.

2. Smile Often

There’s no such thing as smiling too much. In fact, every time you smile you feel immediate happiness. Smiling will make you feel good and it can make someone else’s day. It doesn’t seem like much, but a smile has the power to change your mood and your perspective on the day ahead.

Smiling is great for your health as well. It helps relieve stress, makes you more attractive to others, helps your immune system, can help lower your blood pressure and more.

3. Keep Positive Notes

A fun way to stay focused on being positive is to leave various messages around your house or in a stack by something you use every day, such as your dresser. They don’t need to be long passages if you don’t want them to be, but seeing uplifting messages will put you in a good mood. They may even make you smile.

There are also various apps you can download that will help. Positive Thinking, for example, includes inspirational quotes and happy thoughts that you can look through. The app also allows you to add your own quotes to the list and share them.

4. Use Journals and Apps

There is a bigger use for apps than just letting you interact with people on social media. There are apps that can help you stay positive. If you’re looking for something to keep track of your mood, Happy Habits and Moody Me are two apps that are available to try.

The Happy Habits app assesses 14 factors that affect your mood and provides suggestions that can help you become happier. It uses cognitive behavioral therapy through the use of a quiz that includes more than 100 questions to answer.

The Moody Me app provides you with the means to track your moods and log what aspects make you happy or sad. You can also include information about anything you may be doing or taking to help with your mood.

Journaling is also a healthy way to get things off of your chest, especially when you don’t feel like venting to someone. You can start a daily positive journal that keeps track of the bright side in your life. Even if you’re having a bad day, find a positive aspect and focus on that as you write an entry.

5. Defeat Negativity

Anybody who says they’ve never had a negative thought is lying. While some people experience them more than others, negative thoughts pay visits to all of us.

When negative thoughts strike, our brains manage to hang onto them, so it takes some effort to turn them off. Your predominant mental attitude can affect what direction your life will take.

Sometime we are our own worst enemies. The minute we say “I can’t,” we set ourselves up for failure. Start by turning that can’t into will. When you can turn the negatives into positives, you’ll find you can accomplish more as well. Focus on having a positive attitude in everything you do.

When Life Gets Under Your Skin

Sometimes, no matter how optimistic you try to be, there are certain things in life that can still get under your skin. Some situations are easier to get through than others.

If you’re having a really difficult time moving past a negative experience, it can be good to talk it over with someone. A fresh point of view can help you see something you didn’t before.

It also helps to have a good self-esteem. When you’re confident, you’re less likely to let something bother you as much.

Whether you’re going through good or bad times, it’s important to stay positive. You’ll be able to enjoy your life more and feel more successful in all that you do.

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