6 Must-Have Productivity Apps in 2019

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6 must have productivity apps in 2019

Today’s connected world puts pressure on you to constantly up your game. You’re expected to rock productivity at work like a master and somehow, still find time to prep healthy meals, take moderate exercise and have a social life. How can you do it all?

Technology to the rescue. The six apps below will supercharge your life in 2019. From helping you organize tasks, take notes or simply realign your mental focus, these 6 must-have productivity apps will rock your world.

1. ToDoist

Are you looking for an app that syncs seamlessly across your devices? Are you hoping to combine the practicality of a to-do list with a more streamlined workflow which allows for collaboration? Look no further than ToDoist.

A free account allows you some functionality and permits collaboration between up to five people. However, if you want to unlock all the premium features of this top 6 must-have productivity app, such as their reminder service, calendar and premium project templates, the upgraded version rings in at only $36 per year. Considering all you get, including collaborating with up to 50 people and team member assignments, it’s well worth the expense.

2. Trello

If you need a heavy duty project management app, you can’t go wrong with Trello. Trello keeps all of your teams’ files, information and tasks all in one place. Trello also integrates well with other apps your team already uses for workflow management.

Like many apps, Trello provides a free version with limited functionality. However, with a 97 percent user satisfaction rate, the paid version is worth the price, too. You can seamlessly upload files and tick items off various team member to-do lists. And with SSL encryption, you can rest assured your data is as safe as possible in a hacker-crazy world.

3. Unstuck

You know it well — that deer in the headlights feeling. Deadlines loom, time grows short and still, you cannot get motivated to make headway. Enter this top 6 must-have productivity app, Unstuck.

Enter unstuck. Whether a personal or professional activity has you hitting a roadblock, this app helps you work through it. Using a personality quiz-like format (and who doesn’t love those?), the app helps you identify what habits keep you dawdling in a procrastination loop. Then, it provides motivation and life coaching to help you power through.

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4. Any.Do

Are you the type who makes shopping lists only to leave them sitting on your counter? Maybe you think of things to add to your to-do list constantly throughout the day, but you don’t always have your planner handy. Simply say what it is you need to do, and the Any.Do app adds it to your list. You can even delegate responsibility to another — can you say, “Honey, please stop at the store for milk after work?”

5. Happier

Research proves what many intuitively know to be true — happier people and teams are more productive people and teams. But for many, true happiness seems out of reach in the hustle and bustle of survival.

However, opportunities for joy abound, and Happier helps you realize this. The app tracks the little things that make you smile — that gorgeous sunrise you saw on your morning jog or the little compliment your daughter paid you before work. It’s like your own personal bliss journal you can click on anytime you need a mood boost.

6. Workflow

If you use your iOS device for everything from sending client emails to updating files, you can turn to the WorkFlow app. You can get creative, using the actions tab to combine pictures to create a GIF, for example. You can also share actions with others.

The main drawbacks of the app include the fact that it does not integrate with Dropbox. Still, the user-friendly interface helps even the least tech-savvy automate everyday chores, saving time and boosting productivity.

Improve Your Productivity Through Apps

Whether you need to power through a roadblock, improve your mood or get more done with your team, these 6 must-have productivity apps offer a way to power your output to new heights. Give them a try today and get ready to wow everyone from your boss to your family members!

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