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For years, many manufacturers around the world have incorporated many forms of automation to meet up with today’s demand, lower cost, and increase productivity.

Technology is advancing on a global scale each and every day and it is no wonder that manufacturers are including the use of automated technology within their supply chain.

Does Automation Increase Productivity?

The short answer is yes, automation does increase productivity! With the use of advanced technology, we are able to create and innovate faster than ever before.

With automation, it also reduces the amount of hiccups and accidents a manufacturer would have with humans putting in the work. Automation also decreases the amount of liability a supply chain would have since more work will be run by technology rather than humans.

Productivity Benefits of Automation

Low Effect on Human Staffing

Rather than placing human workers on routine tasks that are dangerous, boring, and repetitive, companies are able to re-staff those workers to other positions that will benefit the business in other ways.

Decreased Delays

With automation, we now have the luxery of experiencing less interuptions, hiccups, or mistakes in the manufacturing process!

This results in a reduction in human error, shorter downtime, and an increase in overall productivity

Limited Micro-Management

One thing that drives workers and managers crazy is micro-management. With the use of automation, this is reduced heavily since the technology is programed to complete their task.

This puts less stress on workers and the managers who would have to micro-manage to make sure the job gets done.

Faster ROI

Since automation is programmed to do a specific task as efficiently as possible, they pay for themselves very quickly as they increase the amount of production output, reduce lead time, and lower operating costs for the company.

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