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Productivity, unless cultivated, can be incredibly difficult to come by.

Consider all the time you spend sitting at your desk, staring at a blank document on your computer screen, trying to remember what you just read in an email, or struggling to focus enough to finish that presentation. Establishing and maintaining focus are essential to being productive, regardless of your job, and your work environment plays a huge roll in both.

The workplace has changed a great deal in the last few years and not all of these changes support productivity. Here are seven things you can do right now to turn your workspace into an area that breeds creativity, allowing you to maximize your productivity.

1. Eliminate the Clutter

Take a minute and survey your desk. Do you have knick knacks or unnecessary office supplies cluttering your desk? It’s important to keep your desk clear of any items that aren’t essential to your work process. A cluttered desk equates to a cluttered mind, and a cluttered mind can’t fully focus on the task at hand.

2. Keep Your Tools Accessible

Whatever your craft, make sure you have the tools necessary to get the job done close at hand. Typical office supplies like pens, pencils, paper, and a laptop are essential to any desk set up. And to maintain efficiency, make sure your supplies are all in good working order—it’s frustrating when you finally receive that inspiration you need to get working, and find your pens are missing your pencils are unsharpened, and your printer is out of ink.

3. Create a Space that Inspires Creativity

Introducing living things into your workspace is an excellent way to not only brighten up your desk, but help you feel happy in your workspace. Every choice you make regarding your workspace should inspire creativity. While it is best to keep your desk free of clutter, if you have one or two items that inspire or motivate you, place them where you can see them to help you stay focused.

4. Write It Down

In this digital age, writing notes by hand is becoming a thing of the past, but this may be hindering your productivity. Use a handwritten planner to keep track of your appointments or a journal to take notes or jot down ideas—allowing your brain to switch between digital and analog may be just what you need to recharge your creativity and keep you productive.

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5. Reduce Distractions

With immediate access to emails, social media, and other people, it’s easy to become distracted. Make sure your desk is strategically placed away from the television, and consider turning your cell phone off completely before you get started. It takes your brain 15 minutes to really get in the zone when working on a task, so rather than allowing yourself to be distracted, give yourself a break from everything else, focus on your task, and see how productive you can be.

6. A Change of Scenery Goes a Long Way

If possible, turn your desk to face toward a window—natural light can help you recharge and remain focused. Have you tried everything, but you’re just not able to be productive? Step away from your workspace and take a walk—a change of scenery is enough to help you feel rejuvenated, and clear your brain enough that you can refocus or find new inspiration for creativity.

7. Establish a Cleaning Schedule

When you’ve taken these steps to rid your workspace of distractions, and foster an environment of productivity, it’s a good idea to come up with a plan to ensure your space remains in this condition. Set aside some time at the end of your workday to tidy up your desk each day, and block out a few hours every week or month to do a more thorough cleaning. Maintaining a workspace that will keep you inspired, and help you focus on your work will allow you to maximize your productivity for the long haul.

Get Started Today

The most difficult step of any task is the first one, but what are you waiting for? Transform your workspace into an environment that fosters inspiration and creativity, and you’re bound to see your productivity rise tremendously.

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  1. Matt Holden

    Great post and a reminder that environment plays such and important role.

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