Exercise Routines That Take Less Than 20 Minutes

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Finding the time to exercise is always a huge challenge. Work and home responsibilities fill our days, leaving no extra time. Exercise routines often fall to the wayside and this has a negative impact on your overall health. So does a shorter exercise offer health benefits? Research says yes.

“Gone are the days when we thought you had to live on a piece of fitness equipment for an hour to really see results,” says Dr. Pam Peeke, spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine. “We’ve discovered in the past decade or so that you can get a heck of a great workout — and even lose body fat more effectively — by decreasing exercise time and increasing intensity.”

8 Ways to Exercise in 20 Minutes or Less

1. Denise Austin’s Ultimate Fat Burn Workout

Denise Austin is one of the most popular fitness instructors who has maintained longevity in the industry. This fat burn workout incorporates sports drills, aerobics, kickboxing and abdominal sculpting into less than 20 minutes.

2. Yoga XPress in Less Than 20 Minutes

Alex Curtis offers a Zen experience through Yoga in less than 20 minutes. This practice includes several poses including Cow/Cat, child’s pose, down dog, rag doll and more. Doing yoga is proven to reduce stress and improve your mood. Adding these poses to your day is sure to make you feel better.

3. Body Building in Less than 20 minutes

Body building activities help to build strength and stamina. Arms, legs, shoulders, chest, backs and legs can all be targeted in these short workout routines. Lack of time is no excuse not to rotate through these strength activities.

4. Eight-Minute Ab Exercises

Improving core fitness can help with balance and overall fitness level. These 8 minute ab exercises target the different abdominal muscles, including the transverse abs, obliques and lower abs.

5. Pilates in Less Than 20 Minutes

Speaking of your core, Pilates is a great way to improve your core strength. Taking your time to work on form is important in executing Pilates poses and exercises. The 20-minute timeframe can give you enough of a workout to train your core over time.

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6. The 10 Minute HIIT Workout

The 10 minute HIIT workout allows you to work up a sweat and still have time to spare. This HIIT workout incorporates boxing and jabbing into cardio activity. Once you master the 10 minute version, you can work your way up to the 20 minute workout. Remember to stretch! Pulled muscles can keep you from future workouts.

7. Ride Your Bike

Bike riding is a low impact cardio activity that gives your heart rate a rise and warms your muscles. Riding a bike for 20 minutes at 10 miles per hour can burn up to 90 calories. Riding your bike 20 minutes for three days can burn an extra 270 calories in your week.

8. Walking in Less Than 20 Minutes

Walking workouts offer low impact fat busters that you can do during your workday. The 15-minute and 20-minute walking workouts can fit into your lunch break or walk to work. Spend the first two minutes warming up and then kick your pace for about 15 minutes and then spend the last few minutes cooling down.

Finding time to exercise is important in improving and maintaining your health. These 20-minute tidbits of activity offer great opportunities to engage in physical activity. You can change up your routine adding both strength and cardiovascular activity. With less than 20 minutes, you can find the time.

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1 Comment

  1. Gian

    Great ideas, Kayla!

    I am not a huge fan of Gyms so I am always looking for new ideas to exercise at home or outside. Yoga is something that I’ve been always curious about but never gave it a try. Maybe it could be a good idea to try this 20 minutes Zen experience from Alex Curtis.

    The only thing I recommend is that people take extra care when doing certain exercises at home. Three weeks ago I did a “killer” 10 minute chest workout and earned a back pain that stayed with me for 1 week. When doing some different exercises like that one, it’s important to take the time to learn how to do them properly and do some stretching first (I obviously skipped both).

    4 years ago

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