Foods That Could Be Ruining Your Productivity

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Foods That Could Be Ruining Your Productivity

By Kayla Matthews   /     Jan 23, 2014  /     Productivity Hacks  /     ,


When it comes to losing weight, many people would say calories are calories and that’s all there is to it, but the picture becomes more complex when we are aiming for more than a lower weight. Productivity, for example, is quite dependent on what foods we choose to eat. Here are four foods that decrease your productivity.

Simple Carbs

Simple carbs include such foods as white rice, white bread, many cereals and many baked goods. These processed foods are lacking in naturally occurring fiber. They may be sprayed with vitamins, which are then advertised on the box along with cheap toys, but they are still vastly inferior to their complex former selves.

Refined grains are also bad for your body shape, increasing the amount of abdominal fat on your frame.


Although very few of us would think it’s okay to eat mountains of candy every day, frequent soda drinking is essentially the same act. Drinking soda is essentially drinking sugar, which provides no nutritional value.

Besides offering nothing but empty calories, soda, due to the caffeine and sugar, gives you a very brief high followed by a crash, not something very helpful for long workdays. If you insist on drinking soda, at least drink a diet version. While many people like to claim that there are health consequences of drinking diet soda, most of these theories lack definitive proof.

Junk Food

This should go without saying, but junk food is bad for you in much the same way that soda is bad for you. Candy is bad for your teeth, and as with soda, is essentially like eating nothing but sugar, aka empty calories. Alcohol in excess is obviously not the best for productivity, but hopefully you’re not drinking alcohol at work anyway.

Pseudo-Scientific Supplements

Just because you heard Dr. Oz claim that a supplement is the next big thing doesn’t mean you should splurge online to get it. Sure, some supplements have a bit of truth behind their claims. However, the best supplements for you are unlikely to be obscure proprietary blends, but rather concentrated substances that, in theory, you are able to obtain through a good diet.

If you’re an optimist and only want to see if you’ll get a nice placebo effect, then go ahead and take the supplement you heard Dr. Oz talk about on TV. However, as a pessimist who has tried many supplements, I can tell you that most do not work.

You Are What You Eat

Even after hearing about these productivity destroying foodstuffs, you may think “It’s not hurting anybody but me,” or “YOLO! I’m gonna drink at work!”, but you may be surprised at who you’re hurting. Studies have shown that consuming junk food during pregnancy leads to a less-intelligent baby and feeding toddlers junk food leads to lower IQs later in life. The latter may have a variety of alternate explanations, but what is hard in not taking a chance on it, particularly when it simply sets up better habits for later in life.

It is obvious that the foods you consume have an enormous impact on the quality of life you lead. To be a more productive worker, start avoiding these unhealthy foods today.

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