Guide to Motivation

Get Motivated: How to Find Motivation to Do Anything



We’ve all been there before — a big deadline you’ve known about for weeks is approaching, and for some reason, you feel frozen. You know you need to get it done, but you can’t seem to muster the inspiration and enthusiasm you need to finish the task.


No, there’s nothing wrong with you, and yes, everyone around you has gone through this before. What you’re experiencing is a lack of motivation. And you can’t get motivated without first understanding what motivation is and where you can find it.


Without further ado, this is your comprehensive guide for when you start wondering how to find motivation. Through appreciating what motivation is, learning how to get motivated and knowing how to stay motivated, you’ll be crushing goals left and right. Never again will you dread a deadline looming on your monthly calendar!


In this guide, we will explore a handful of items, including:


  1. What motivation is — and why it’s so great to have!
  2. How laziness and procrastination play a role in your lack of motivation.
  3. What a lack of motivation looks and feels like.
  4. How to find motivation in your life — and where to look.
  5. How to stay motivated for any length of time, whether it’s an hour of study, a day of work or for life!


Finding motivation starts at the most basic level — understanding the what, why and how of it. Your first challenge in getting motivated begins now. Continue reading to learn how easy and beneficial it is to stay motivated in your life!


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