Chapter 4

How Do I Find Motivation?


Though it may sound clichéd to say this, the key to getting motivated is to look within. If you’re constantly asking yourself, “How do I get motivated?” you should accept that it’s going to take some personal reflection — and also being open to new activities and environments.


How Do I Find Motivation?


If you’re wondering how to find motivation, you can start with a few easy actions such as:

  • Identifying your inspirations and passions
  • Going for a walk
  • Getting out of bed
  • Staying off the sofa


Finding motivation when your job is bringing you down might seem like a challenge — but you can pull your inspiration from what you’re doing! Remember back to when you were job searching? What led you to the role you’re in now? Why did you pursue your industry?


If you can remember why you decided to accept the job offer or apply to your position, it makes it much easier to redirect your focus, realign your goals and kickstart your motivation. After all, you probably didn’t accept the job without knowing the details of your day-to-day work or what you’d be representing!


Going for a walk and moving around has so many benefits, in addition to being a form of exercise. It naturally triggers the release of endorphins in your body, the hormones that control how good or happy you feel. With a more pleasant mindset, your motivation becomes easier to access and guide.


You’ll also have the chance to clear your mind when outside. Spend your 20-minute walk reflecting on some goals you’d like to set, outlining the tasks you want to tackle in your day or meditating.



Getting out of bed might sound like a no-brainer, but seriously — you’re not going to find motivation by lying around all day! The first step in feeling productive is to roll out from under your covers and get moving. From there, motivation is just waiting for you to discover it.


While it’s pleasant to relax and watch television on your days off from work, you should still be looking for ways to find motivation. Want to know a secret for how to get there? Stay off the couch. The longer you sit on the sofa, the more your energy drains and the more quickly you’ll realize your motivation to do anything is rapidly decreasing.


Reflect on your passions, clear your mind and get moving — you’ll find that long-lost motivation in no time!


How Can I Increase My Motivation?


Setting goals for yourself is crucial in increasing motivation. When you define a goal or outcome you want to achieve, you’re much more likely to put in the effort, as opposed to crossing off an item on a list.



Think of goals as benchmarks that build on top of one another — one goal leads you to the next, which can lead you to the next and so on. Create a few goals you know you’ll be able to crush, such as tasks you want to complete or errands you need to run by the end of the week. You can set these goals daily, monthly or even yearly!


You’ll want to create some more difficult goals as well. What’s the point of finding motivation and not using it? By setting some benchmarks that require effort and focus on your end, you’ll naturally enable yourself to increase your motivation so you can get further ahead. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to knock these out — otherwise, your desire to get anywhere close will start to fade away.


Another excellent way to increase motivation is to value communication and actively seek it. Engaging with co-workers or friends can help you feel rejuvenated and get excited about new activities or goals.


At your workplace, search for opportunities where you can have conversations and deepen your relationships with your co-workers. Take your lunch breaks together, plan a coffee run or have a happy hour meetup downtown. When you get involved in discussions your colleagues are having about how they’re working through projects, you’ll gain insight into some motivational tactics to use in your life.


Outside work, make sure to set aside time to interact with friends. These are the people who know you best — and they’re also the people you talk to regularly. Share the goals you’ve set with them, and they’ll be more than happy to brainstorm along with you. You’ll also encourage them to open up about what they’re achieving in their personal lives.


With the momentum of finding motivation building, it should only make sense to keep that energy going. After learning where to look for getting motivated, the final step is maintaining!


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