How to Avoid Junk Lunch and Eat Well at Work

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While you’re at work, it’s hard to stay committed to eating healthy.  You’re busy, stressed and don’t necessarily have the means to cook up fresh-made meals from scratch.  To counteract the inconvenience our workplaces pose for eating healthy, here are our tips addressing how to stay away from the bad stuff:

Keep Only Healthy Snacks Within Reach

It’s tempting to snack when you’re bored or you’ve just hit that mid-afternoon slump.  Fortunately, it’s actually healthy to snack throughout the day.  What you want to avoid, though, is eating unhealthy snacks such as vending machine goodies or any foods that are high in salt or sugar.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to only keep healthy snacks within reach.  That way, when you reach for a snack when you’re bored, you’ll be supplementing your meals with foods that won’t make you feel bad later.

Some good examples of healthy snacks are: nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, low-fat string cheese, vegetables, hummus and whole-grain crackers.

Bring Your Own Meals

One of the fastest ways to start eating well at work is to start bringing your own meals to eat.  This might be a challenge, as many of your coworkers will go out to lunch as a social outing.  You can still go, but make sure to pack your lunch and eat it beforehand.  Pack a power lunch full of protein, whole grains and vegetables, and we guarantee you’ll feel better than your coworkers who are chowing down on that pizza.

Make Your Own Freezer Meals

If you’re too busy to make your lunch every day before work, you should make a bulk pack of healthy freezer meals to take to work every day.  Set aside a few hours on Sunday afternoon and make enough meals to last you for the next month.  One good option for a frozen meal is whole grain burritos (whole-grain tortillas, grilled chicken breast, low-fat cheese and low-fat black beans).  You’ll be able to pop your frozen meal into the microwave just as easily as you would order take-out.  However, you’ll be completely in charge of what you’re putting into your body, and you’ll notice a difference later in the afternoon.

Eat Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast plays a huge part in whether you’re going to eat healthy at work that day.  When you eat breakfast, you provide your body with the tools necessary to regulate hunger more easily.  If you skip breakfast, though, you may find yourself craving unhealthy snacks or food to immediately satisfy that need.  Also, it’s highly recommended you make your own breakfast instead of buying out in order to limit your unhealthy fat intake.  Some good options to make at home are whole-wheat toast with peanut butter, low-fat yogurt with granola and oatmeal with nuts.

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Drink Water

Another way to ensure you eat well when you’re at work is to keep a water bottle by your desk.  Not only will you reach for it in place of snacks on a regular basis, but it will actually curb your hunger.

Avoid Trigger Situations

It’s scientifically proven when you’re not doing well emotionally or physically, you don’t eat well.  If you can, try to avoid situations that will stress you out or cause you to be emotional.  This also goes for monitoring your sleep levels.  If you’ve been working long hours at work lately and don’t have as much time as you would like to sleep, you are in danger of making poor food choices.  As long as you are aware of your trigger situations, though, you can begin to make strides toward making healthy choices.

For example, if  you know you’re an anxious driver, remove any potential trigger situations before they happen. Upgrade any old parts on your car with the help of model-specific manufacturers. Knowing that your Mustang wheels and tires are the safest option for your car will put you at ease and keep your mind stress-free while you’re driving to work each morning. When you arrive to work less stressed, you can make better nutrition choices and eat well all throughout the day.

Eating Well at Work: Your Takeaways

Eating well at work can be challenging, but you can definitely do it if you’re committed and follow the following steps:

1. Keep only healthy snacks within reach

2. Bring your own meals

3. Make your own freezer meals

4. Eat breakfast

5. Drink water

6. Avoid trigger situations

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