How to Organize Your Life in One Week

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People juggle multiple responsibilities every day. You might be a student with jobs and full-time classes or an employee who has to bring their work home at night. While you’re taking on new tasks and completing old ones, you might lose track of what you need to do.

Little things slip by, like cleaning your home. Suddenly you’re living in the middle of two weeks’ worth of laundry. How can you turn things around and restructure your daily life? It’s easier than it seems.

Read this guide on how to organize your life in one week to figure out which tips will work best for you. Give them a try to see what a difference they’ll make and use them daily to make your organization last longer than the end of the week.

1. Schedule Regular Reminders

The easiest way to lost track of what you need to do is to forget about it. You might lose a mental to-do list by driving home from work or answering a phone call. While some things could manage to wait until tomorrow, there will always be responsibilities with immediate deadlines you can’t miss.

Use your phone, computer or smartwatch to set regular reminds to check your to-do list. Set a countertop timer if you have one lying around. Instead of getting lost in a project, you’ll form a habit of seeing your to-do list often. The next time you have a passing thought, opening your to-do list and writing the thought down will happen naturally.

2. Create a Morning Ritual

When you roll out of bed and don’t have a sense of routine, it’s much harder to plan out your day. Many people take advantage of creating a morning ritual to establish a routine that allows them to organize what they need to do.

Try a few easy morning ritual options to ease yourself into productive mornings. Start slowly with simple things like:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Spending ten minutes stretching
  • Meditating during the sunrise
  • Journaling your plans for the day

These actions and others like them will help you wake up in the morning and feel more organized, starting tomorrow.

3. Organize a Digital Calendar

Carrying around a paper planner is easy, but when things get busy, you might lose tasks between scribbles on the page. Leave your planner at home and organize a digital calendar while you’re on the go. You can add or delete to-do tasks or future events and make them sync across your digital devices so you can reach your calendar from anywhere.

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4. Get More Sleep

Sleep might be the last thing on your mind, but it will help you organize and get things done. Before you start your normal nightly routine, read about the benefits of sleep to encourage you to turn the lights out early.

Looking for some help to start your new routine? Try some of these healthy sleep habits:

  • Avoid drinking caffeine at night
  • Don’t take late afternoon naps
  • De-stress in the evening
  • Exercise regularly, if not daily

Start your new sleep habits gradually to make the adjustment easier and you’ll find yourself more energized and ready to take on your tasks.

5. Hone Your Focus

When you have so much to do, you might try to multitask. People often think multitasking helps you get more done, but not when you’re overwhelmed and too stressed to think.

Plan out your day by focusing on one task at a time. Even if you rotate the same four tasks every hour, you’ll hone your daily focus and produce quality work you’re proud of before deadlines arrive.

6. Plan Ahead Every Night

Before you clock out for the day or turn out your lights, write out your schedule for tomorrow. That might mean readjusting your calendar or laying out a to-do list. The extra effort means you can spend more time in the morning waking up, without needing to rush out the door or jump into your day.

Start With Something Small

If you upend what little routine you have with major changes, you’ll feel more exhausted and stressed than before. Start with a small change to organize your life, like making a to-do list or creating a digital calendar. You’ll see your life fall into place and conquer each day with time and energy to spare.

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