How to Organize Your Office Plants for Better Productivity

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We all love to add a little “oomph” to our office spaces, and plants are a great way to do that. Not only do they help you feel more relaxed, keep the air clean, and reduce stress, but they can also help you to be productive while enjoying an attractive work environment. However, having those plants that get in your way all day can have the opposite effect. There are a few tricks to making sure that your office plants relax your space instead of cluttering it.

Picking the Right Plants

If you’re looking for plants to fit in an office space, it’s probably best to stay away from large or difficult-to-grow plants. Peace lilies are wonderful, but they grow very fast, and get very large. Unless you have available floor space, large potted plants are probably not the best choice.

Instead, choose some plants that are likely to remain small. Herbs are an excellent option. They tend to stay small, provide a wonderful smell, and they are meant to be trimmed. Additionally, most will do very well with the right amount of water and sunlight, making them easy to grow. Be careful, though, as some herbs may produce flowers. Since this might bother you or your co-workers, try to choose non-flowering varieties.

A Home for Your Plant

Choosing the correct container can make the difference between a nice desk plant and a terrible, muddy mess. Instead of opting for outdoor, terra cotta holders with drainage holes, go for a smaller, ceramic model without any holes. In order to ensure you still have good drainage, fill the bottom of the pot with gravel or peat moss. This allows you to water the plant effectively without accidentally watering your computer as well.

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Maximize Your Space

Just because you have a desk doesn’t mean that you need to keep your plants there. If you have a small cubicle will no other shelving, then yes, you may end up using your desk space. Try something a little different. There are a lot of options out for wall-hanging planters. Many of them actually include spaces to hold office supplies, allowing you to free up even more desk space.

If that isn’t quite your style, hanging office plants are another option. If you have enough space (and permission, of course) try hanging up a fancy towel rack. From this, you can hang numerous ceramic pots and even your coat.

If you would like to add some green to your office and brighten things up a bit, there are many ways to do so. However, you should always take your coworkers’ preferences and your own productivity into account before making any solid decisions. If your office doesn’t have any windows or access to natural sunlight, you’ll need to get different plants or additional equipment. If your co-worker has a mold allergy, for example, you’ll need to be extra careful about maintaining your plant’s soil.

Office plants are fantastic, but it’s important to make sure that they don’t negatively affect your productivity. If your office is starting to look less like an office and more like a jungle, it may be time to reevaluate your options. Keeping your plants small, putting them in the correct containers, and making use of underutilized space ensures that you’ll love your plants, and not end up hating them.

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