How to Relieve Stress, Be More Positive With One Simple Phrase

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one simple phrase

There’s no way to completely remove stress from your life, but you certainly have the ability to manage it in a healthful way. Making a positive change begins with swapping a common phrase that’s in your vocabulary, and hopefully also making a gradual but permanent shift in your mindset. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s the Magic Phrase?

Chances are, whenever you’re faced with doing a task that’s mundane or otherwise unpleasant, you view the responsibility of something you “have to do.” Start considering those tasks as things you “get to” do, instead. Jon Gordon, author of The Positive Dog, recommend this as one of the best ways to keep negative thoughts down and boost productive and positive thoughts. Over time, you may find it becomes much easier to think of all the great things life has given you, rather than getting too wrapped up in responsibilities that are necessary, but not always fun.

Being Grateful for Employment

The workplace is a great source of stress for many people. If you’re among them, aim to think of going to work as a great privilege, rather than a chore. Like most things in life, your attitude about work is all about perspective. Because of poor economic conditions in many areas of the world, staying employed has become difficult for some.

If you’re employed, remind yourself of what a blessing that is. Even if the work itself is hard, or the people you work with are always trying to bring you down. Conversely, if you suddenly become unemployed, think of the situation as a time when you “get to” explore new opportunities, and perhaps even discover you possess a hidden skill.

Banishing Friend-Related Stresses

As great as it often is to spend time with friends, people have ways of adding stress to your life, too. It can quickly become frustrating if you’ve worked hard to make plans with a friend, but he or she eventually bails out. One major element of successfully using positive affirmations involves understanding you have the ability to change the way you respond to unexpected outcomes.

It won’t help anyone if you allow yourself to get consumed with negative feelings and pent-up anger, as you wonder what was so important to make your friend ultimately cancel a planned meeting. Give yourself a reminder that things come up on the spur of the moment, and sometimes can’t be avoided. See the situation in a different way by realizing you now “get to” enjoy more freedom for the day because you’ll no longer be attending that meeting with a friend.

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Cheerfully Approaching Household Tasks

Admittedly, it can be hard to view household chores with a positive attitude. Generally, they’re not only boring, but can also be strenuous. The next time you find yourself feeling glum about having a long to-do list that includes doing the laundry, washing the dishes or scrubbing the bathroom floors, it’s a good idea to think about how you have access to modern conveniences that might be unfamiliar to people who live in third-world countries.

If you’d rather picture a frequent issue that probably affects people in your community, particularly when you’re preparing to wash a load of laundry at home, consider how much harder it would be if you lived in an apartment or dormitory, or didn’t otherwise have easy access to laundry facilities.

That might entail having to scrounge around for quarters, heft heavy clothes into your car or while you ride the bus, and wait on the premises while cycles complete, for fear someone might make off with your clothes if you leave for a few minutes. When you call to mind all those potential hassles, it should be a lot easier to maintain a cheerful attitude.

Why Does It Matter?

Throughout this piece, you’ve been given multiple examples of how to shift your mindset so you’re no longer thinking in terms of “having to” do things. Begin today and rejoice that you “get to” do things, even if they’re not always extremely exciting. Life is a gift, and so are all the activities you take part in every day. The sooner you adopt that stance, the easier it’ll be to see the good in everyone and every situation. You’ll be shining a positive light to the world without even consciously thinking about it.

The alternative is allowing your body, mind and spirit to become consumed with negative emotions that could affect your well-being, and spread to everyone around you. If time passes and those feelings aren’t dealt with properly, your productivity could suffer and people might avoid spending time with you. Fortunately, making long-lasting changes is within your grasp, thanks to five simple letters that comprise one powerful phrase.

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    I’m glad you agree! I’ve found it can make a huge change in the way I look at life. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog! =)

    6 years ago
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