How to Stay Up to Date with Your Career’s Industry News

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The last thing any of us want to do with our free time is read up on work. Furthermore, it’s difficult to imagine falling out of touch with an industry, especially one that you spend most of your day working in.

Believe it or not, staying up to date with related news can make you more valuable as an employee. Things are constantly changing over time, and that means the industry you work in is also constantly evolving. By staying at the forefront of knowledge, you can change your work habits to compensate. You’ll also be able to spot threats and opportunities much early, allowing you to be more competitive.

It may not seem rewarding to read up on industry news in your free time, but there are great gains to be had by doing so. We’re going to offer some tips on staying informed. Use them to your advantage.

Where to Find News

Finding relevant news can sometimes be a difficult task on its own. Here are some ways to keep up to date:

  • Attend industry or company-wide conferences and seminars
  • Find a mentor or partner
  • Read top blogs in your industry
  • Join a trade organization in your industry
  • Engage in face-to-face networking often, especially if you’re in sales
  • Monitor social media and follow important players, especially Twitter
  • Stay up to date with technology and computer software
  • Attend online webinars from prominent players in your industry
  • Browse online forums or discussion boards
  • Use Google Alerts to subscribe to relevant keywords
  • Subscribe to online newsletters and monitor your email

So, now that you know some great places to find news, you just need to find a way to work them into your daily routine. Many of us have an unforgivable schedule, with little to no breathing room. How do work some reading into a situation like that?

Combine Your Efforts

No doubt employees of places like hotels and casinos have a fast paced lifestyle and they’re likely always busy. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be spending some time becoming knowledgeable about their industry. The gaming industry is always changing through new trends, new interests and even the economy.

Putting aside personal time for work can be exhausting, but you’ll benefit considerably if you can do it. In the morning you probably have a cup of coffee or breakfast before you head to work. On your commute you might have a few minutes of downtime, especially if you use public transportation. During your lunch break you probably have a few minutes to yourself while – or after – eating. The list really could go on, but the point is that you could read up while you are in fact doing something else. Instead of spending a large bulk of your time reading – which could eat in to precious downtime – do so during your normal daily routine. Try to blend your reading habits in sparingly.

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Share Your Knowledge

They say one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sit in front of a large class and write out lessons on a chalkboard. Sometimes teaching can be as simple as sharing your knowledge with your cubicle-mate. And when you share, you’re opening up the field for someone to reciprocate and build your knowledge right back.

Thanks to the world of social media, email and technology you can easily share content you’ve come across by sending the relevant links to others. During networking and company meetings it can also be beneficial to bring up pertinent news.

Write About It

Borrowing a bit from the sharing idea, you can start a personal blog that’s dedicated to sharing the industry news you come across. It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate and you don’t need to compete with a news publication – you’ll never be able to cover every news story that breaks. That being said, you may find you enjoy sharing the content with others. Over time, your site may even become a valuable source to many in your industry. If you stay dedicated, this can also help with networking in general by boosting your reputation and earning support from valuable contacts.

Become an Explorer

Sometimes staying up-to-date doesn’t always mean reading news or information. It also means staying familiar with various software applications, tasks or processes in your industry. Obviously while you’re on the job you can’t waste time exploring the avenues available to you – you need to remain efficient. In your free time however, it might be beneficial to test out some new opportunities. This is not something that needs to be done frequently. That being said, you can benefit by exploring the many tools and options provided to you, because sometimes there is more than one way to accomplish a goal.

No matter how you decide to get the information to your brain, always make sure you are making an effort to stay relevant in your industry. The world changes rapidly, and you don’t want to be the one left out in the cold when your industry evolves along with it.

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