Day 11

“Information overload is a symptom of our desire to not focus on what’s important. It is a choice.” — Brian Solis



Welcome back to the Mental Focus Challenge! It’s Day 11! Think back to your productivity before you started the Mental Focus Challenge. Are you more focused now than you were before? Remind yourself of where you started so you realize just how much progress you’ve made!

Hopefully, that got you motivated for today’s challenge. So let’s get started!

Challenge of the Day: Complete Your Challenge Combo

Once again, you should continue to complete your challenge combo. You’re developing productive habits, so it’s important that you stay consistent.

So far, you’ve been completing the same challenges every day, and you might’ve slightly changed your routine. You might be getting used to the challenge, so today try to add more to it. Increasing the difficulty will make the challenge more difficult, but it’ll pay off in the long run.

Here are some things you can do to add on to your challenge:

  • Meditate for 30 minutes.
  • Cut all unhealthy snacks out of your diet.
  • Go to bed earlier and sleep an extra hour.
  • Clean your work area every day instead of every few weeks.
  • Think about positive thoughts every morning before you start your workday.

These challenges might take more time to complete. That’s fine! Productivity isn’t about how many hours you put into a task. It’s about how effectively you manage your time.

App of the Day: Clockwork Brain (iOS | Android)

The app of the day is another one that’ll challenge your brain. Clockwork Brain contains games that will challenge your memory, attention, reasoning, dexterity and language.

These fast-paced puzzle games will give you a mental workout, as you’ll have to think quickly and pay close attention to detail.


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