What I Learned from Reading ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’

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I recently red Marie Kondo’s “declutter bible” known as The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You may have heard of the book — as it’s been a best-seller since it hit bookstores in 2015. Not only has this short and sweet book made my closets more efficient and design savvy but it also has taught me lessons that have translated to my work desk.

If you’re looking for quick, easy and stylish ways to declutter your work desk regularly, then read on to get my quick three amazing lessons I learned from the “Mari Kondo” method.

Here’s how to get started organizing your office for maximum efficiency:

Lesson #1: Create Categories And Conquer

Kondo’s first amazing rule for decluttering your home — and by extension desk — is to create categories for every item in your workspace.

It’s very common to try to tackle house cleaning, for example, by room. But Kondo says not to do that. Instead, tackle organization via categories — such as books, toys, clothes, etc. You can adopt this lesson in your cube by taking on categories such as books, magazines, office supplies, electronic equipments, desk accessories, etc.

From there, give each category it’s own “zone” on your desk. Not only does this help you organize your work, but it actually helps your mind shift from task to task. For example, put all the books in your “research zone,” and all of your files into your “work or writing zone.”

Lesson #2: Add Style and Organization with Decorative Boxes

At your local craft store, you can purchase decorative boxes for storing items such as photos. Buy photo storage boxes have a life beyond that single use.

In fact, Kondo loves organizing with them for just about anything. You can apply this lesson to your desk drawers — filing them with like items such as office supplies, sticky notes, markers, etc. Add more decoration to the top of your desk by putting one decorative storage box within arm’s reach of your working position. In that box put only the essential items you use quickly and regularly.

This concept helps you to keep clutter off your desk, allows only the most critical items nearby. This all with the help of a few decorative boxes and a little time to place your sorted items in their correct place!

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Lesson #3: Pay Your Cube (And Its Contents) A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

One of Kondo’s emphases in her book is respecting your personal property. It’s a mindfulness exercise that helps you to decide what to keep and what to put away or give away.

For example, she might ask of her decades-old pantsuit: “Do you like being squished in the very back of the closet?” The answer, in full attentiveness to respect, is of course not. From there, she can decide whether to bring that pantsuit more into the forefront of the closet so she’s more likely to wear it or she can decide to add it to the “giveaway” pile.

Do this with your office items as well. Are there items that are tossed into a drawer or filing cabinet that you would use if they had more of a prominent space? Or, are they just collecting dust in a dark corner of your cube.

Remember: There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing what to hold onto or to trash — but you can begin creating a more enlightened and efficient desk when you begin asking these questions of respect hypothetically to your desk items. Try it and see what happens. You might find the exercise fun — and you’ll toss some items or start using old ones again in the process!

Don’t Be The Co-worker Who Has THAT Desk!

It’s so easy to go into the office every day and make a mess. But remember that your desk needs a good de-clutter like when you clean your house or apartment — and it doesn’t have to be as laborious and time-consuming like before!

With these stylish, creative and efficient tips for organizing your desk at work, you will not only feel less stressed but you’ll feel happier at work. Try to incorporate these three key lessons I learned from reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up — and watch your workplace become more fun and enjoyable.

Did you try my tips? Let me know which ones worked for you at your desk by leaving a comment below!

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