5 Proven Ways to Destress and Boost Your Productivity

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Knowing a few proven ways to destress is important in modern life.

Our society is all about “GO! GO! GO!” However, this creates an abundant amount of stress. It seems counter-intuitive that a society that is so bent on productivity creates an atmosphere where productivity is nearly impossible. Stress is to blame, and stress in the workplace is a big deal. It kills your joy and decreases your productivity significantly. Not to mention stress has been correlated to many diseases.

According to Bloomberg, there has been a statistically significant increase in stress levels. This means that you are not alone in this battlefield. However, you need to address this issue properly by monitoring yourself and control your stress level. Start by using the below-mentioned proven ways to destress and improve your productivity.

1. Have A Quiet Morning

The first thing you should do in the morning is to take time for yourself. This is one of the best stress management strategies. Resist the urge to jump into a routine without first thinking about what’s going on in you, thinking about the day ahead and thinking about the bigger picture. Jumping into your routine straightaway will cause you to do many things that you don’t need to do during the day, and you won’t be productive.

Take time to journal, pray, meditate or talk out-loud. The goal is to discover what your underlying thoughts and feelings are and to work those out first. Thoughts and feelings impact so much of what you do. You may choose a number of bad decisions based upon negative thoughts and feelings. Correct these before you do anything else.

While you’re doing your thinking, you should make it relaxing. Whether you’re partial to coffee or taking in fresh breaths of that morning air, do it.

2. Focus on the Essential

We crowd our lives with too many things. Many of these things come from misguided thoughts about all that we need to do. Once you have taken time to clear out your underlying thoughts and feelings by confronting them with the truth, you need to focus on what’s essential. It’s not essential to watch 5 TV shows today unless it is somehow related to your job. We create many unneeded “must do’s” that do not help us to realize our life’s purpose or get us closer to our goals.

If you have never taken time to think about your goals or life’s purpose, you should. You will quickly discover all of the excess “things” in your life that take up your energy, your time and zap your productivity. Your daily “to do” list should focus on the activities that will bring you closer to your goals and life’s purpose.

3. Be in the Moment

Our society’s idea of multitasking has created a nasty habit of thinking about other things while we should be focusing on the task at-hand. What’s even sadder than this is when we think about work when we should be relaxing. It’s impossible to be productive if you don’t devote your mind to what you’re supposed to be focusing on. When your mind starts to wander, bring it back to the task at-hand. Before you begin any task, consider why you are doing it in the first place. Focus on how good of a job you have done and what you have accomplished. Think about how good it will feel to get the task done. These methods will help to motivate you to keep going.

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4. Stop Worrying

This is often easier said than done, but the truth is that you really can’t change anything by worrying. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, your productivity shuts down when you worry about things. Also, consider that it’s impossible to worry.

Worrying is a feeling that begins with fear based upon thoughts. We usually worry about the future, but since the future is not here and it is unknown, it should be obvious that it’s not possible to worry about the unknown. That’s like worrying that you will someday fall out of a plane, hit the ground, slip on a banana peel and crash into a pie face first. It might seem crazier to do this than to miss your car payment, but the point is that you make your thoughts real. By worrying, you are actively deciding on the worst decision happening. Let it go, and if bad comes to worse, do your best, but refuse to worry because that will decrease your productivity and problem-solving skills.

5. Take Time to Actually Relax

Take time to relax at home on your day off, and actually relax and stop thinking about work. If you’re at work, take short breaks. This can come in the form of stretching, walking, reading a book, getting a massage, taking a quality nap, or anything else. Just be sure that the activity you are doing really relaxes you because this will immediately decrease your stress, and it will make you more productive for the day.

Stress causes many people problems, and their work suffers as a result. There are multiple ways of dealing with stress. It’s essential to prevent stress, know how to deal with stress and see it objectively. Otherwise, you will run in circles without getting anything done.

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