Reading These 6 Books Will Help You Reach Your Goals

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Reading These 6 Books Will Help You Reach Your Goals

By Kayla Matthews   /     Nov 08, 2017  /     Productivity Hacks  /     , , , ,

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Sometimes you can find yourself overwhelmed with things you’ve aspired to accomplish, because setting goals is all too easy if you have a lot you want to do. Don’t give up when you feel this way! If you put your mind to it and know some easy tips and tricks, you can get any amount of goals finished so you can sit back and breathe again. To get some help, check out these six books for productivity that are sure to help you start crossing your goals off your to-do list.

1. Nine Things Successful People Do Differently By Heidi Grant Halvorson

In her book, Heidi Grant Halvorson explores the scientific reasoning behind why some people see challenges as an opportunity to persevere and overcome, while others give up if things get too hard. By suggesting scientifically-tested success strategies, her newest out of all her books for productivity shows readers that positive thinking and anticipating obstacles is how to reach your goals.

2. The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success & Happiness By Jeff Olsen

Sometimes you can’t get things done because you get depressed with thinking about what the point is. Jeff Olsen takes that thinking and turns it around by stating that everything you do matters. Focus on the little things and build on them over time to see true success. There are many books for productivity to choose from, but Olsen’s will ease you into the process of becoming more successful.

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3. The Power Of Positive Thinking By Norman Vincent Peale

It can be easier to trust in things that have been around for a while, which might make Norman Vincent Peale’s book the best one for you. On readers’ bookshelves since 1952, Peale has a formulated method of success that will help you knock out any goals. The key, he says, is to have an image of yourself with your goals accomplished and use it as motivation to keep going.

4. The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, And Take Command Of Your Life By Bernard Roth

Life is all about perspective, which is what Stanford graduate Bernard Roth writes about in his self-help book. The key, he writes, to following through with the goals you set out for yourself is to focus your mind on what’s important. In each chapter, he explains how to believe in yourself and filter out the unnecessary distractions that have kept you from your goals for so long.

5. Goals! How To Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible By Brian Tracy

If there’s one thing Brian Tracy knows how to write about, it’s making your life better so you can succeed at what you want to do. After writing dozens of books about personal development, Tracy writes about 12 simple steps to get your goals accomplished, no matter what size they are. He’ll show you how to get better at self-discipline and never lose track of what you want your future to be like.

6. Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide By Caroline Miller

Caroline Miller has made personal development her life’s work by not only writing about the subject but also being educated as a positive psychology expert and working as a life coach. In her book, Miller quotes research to create a guide for creating and accomplishing your goals. By completing quizzes and assessments, you’ll figure out which goals are right for you and how you’ll get them done.


Don’t be discouraged by goals that have taken what feels like too long to get done. Just because you haven’t crossed them off your list yet doesn’t mean that you never will. By reading some of the best books available, you’ll teach yourself your own personal way to recharge your aspirations and find the determination to push on until you can start fresh with brand new goals.

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