6 Reasons You Should Absolutely Start a Blog

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reasons why you should start a blog

Maybe you’ve had the idea to start a blog in the back of your mind for a while but haven’t taken action with that intention yet.

Although blogging requires commitment, you’ll almost certainly find that the hard work necessary to start a blog pays off, both in ways you anticipated and those that are surprising.

Here are six reasons why many bloggers realize the activity improves both their personal and work lives.

1. It Could Help You Deal With Life’s Stresses

Whether you’re dealing with the heartache of an ill loved one or feeling anxious due to starting a new job, studies show that people who start a blog find they have less stress and improved coping mechanisms. Many people who took part in research examining the role of blogging in stress relief said they found the activity therapeutic.

2. Your Blog Could Increase Your Authoritative Presence

Perhaps interior design comes naturally to you because one of your parents was in the military, and you moved frequently and customized those new abodes each time. Maybe you’re an elite-level horseback rider with a mind full of tips you want to share with fellow equestrians to help them excel. If you start a blog, it becomes possible to share such insights with the world.

It’s likely the people closest to you know about your expertise and have benefitted from it. The great thing about blogging is it lets you build your platform and be seen as an authority by even more people.

After that, you might get asked to write guest posts for fellow bloggers who want alternative perspectives expressed on their site. Opportunities to speak at conferences could also arise as your prominence grows.

3. Blogging Builds Time-Management Skills

No matter the subjects you focus on while blogging, you’ll inevitably have to research material before starting to write. The likelihood of that goes up substantially if you’re writing about current events, too.

While researching, you can expect to learn about things you didn’t know previously, resulting in natural awareness-building. Researching takes time, as does writing the post and proofreading it. Statistics from Orbit Media indicate the time spent writing blogs has gone up over time, with the 2017 total being more than three hours on average.

Additionally, 85 percent of the people who responded to that poll said they publish new blogs regularly. However, it’s difficult or impossible for some people to do that if they don’t manage their time properly. If you’ve always had trouble with that, becoming a blogger could help you develop better habits.

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4. Blogging Boosts Awareness

Among the many compelling reasons to be a blogger is that you could become more aware of your world. You might notice that the things you experience are excellent writing prompts because they complement what matters to you.

If you hear that a long-time friend needs funding assistance due to a weather-related disaster in another state, you could blog about that to let people know how they could chip in from afar. Alternatively, if you’re a music lover and a band you adore is coming to town, use your blog to encourage people to show up at the gig.

Similarly, blogging offers free publicity for businesses, and many incorporate the practice into their overall marketing strategies. A survey published in 2018 found more than half of respondents engaged in content marketing while running their companies. Even if your business is small and operated from home, a blog could help more people know about it.

5. You Could Turn Your Blog Into a Book

Many people have long-held dreams of publishing their first books but think coming up with the source material is too daunting of a challenge. Don’t overlook how your blog could jumpstart a book-writing process!! This is something I recently wrote about in detail on Torque Magazine. Head over there if you want to learn more about turning your blog into a book, specifically.

For example, excerpts from some of your most popular posts might become foundations of the chapters for a book. Also, once you’re accustomed to blogging regularly, writing a book shouldn’t seem like such an intimidating project as it could to someone who is not already in the habit of expression through words.

6. You’ll Hone Your Writing Skills

Writing is something you can get better at by doing it often. Also, when you’re getting started as a blogger, you probably won’t work with an editor, meaning self-editing is the only option. Fortunately, several free editing tools recommend ways to enhance your writing. Being a self-editor could help you become more aware of your writing shortcomings and strengths.

Keep in mind that most blogging platforms make it possible to turn on commenting functionality and receive feedback from readers, too. Then, you may get constructive criticism to apply while writing future posts or receive ideas for topics that are especially interesting to your audience.

Blogging Could Help You Have a Better Life

Initially, you might think of blogging as a mere hobby you take part in to pass the time. However, as this list shows, you could get substantial and lifelong benefits from it.

Once you start small and build from there, you may discover that blogging is among the best things you’ve ever tried.

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