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I’m Kayla Matthews, the creator of Productivity Theory and a freelance writer, blogger, and journalist. I tend to be highly organized and embrace self-discipline, but I also have learned some tricks and adopted some tools to spur my workflow on.

I’d like to pass on my determined perspective and inspire you to seek success and develop efficient habits, and what better way to do that than through this blog?


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What This Blog Is About

To sum up the purpose of Productivity Theory, it’s all about productivity, efficiency, and success in life. Producing high-quality results can apply to more than just work, though. The following areas are what I discuss and they unpacking this concept in many ways to suit your needs.

Who This Blog Is for

These posts and guides are for anyone searching to make the best use of their time in your work, home or social life. If you feel like you’re always behind on your projects or you need a little pick-me-up every Monday, you can benefit from Productivity Theory.

Challenge Yourself!

In my experience writing about productivity, I’ve developed materials for specific problems that can hinder your work performance and quality of life. Check out these exercises and guides for a deeper understanding of focus, confidence and motivation.

1. Mental Focus Challenge

For those who wrestle with internal distractions, the Mental Focus Challenge is a chance to revitalize your attention. I believe issues with focus stem from habits, so I set up a two-week course to reorient your concentration on what matters.

With strategies made to complement your current schedule, you can easily tackle this challenge. The challenges are complemented by app suggestions, games and motivational quotes to lead you to steady mental engagement.

2. How to Gain Confidence

Many people struggle with poor self-esteem but don’t know how to unlock their inner courage. In my complete guide, you can learn what’s holding you back and how to control your confidence.

With three information-packed chapters, you can discover how to tap into your own strength. Covering subjects like poise in the workplace, shyness and fear, it addresses many angles of confidence building.

3. Guide to Motivation

In a time where procrastination is rampant, motivation is a reoccurring difficulty. An upcoming deadline or a mood shift is all you need for your motivation to crash. That’s why I constructed this comprehensive guide on motivation.

In five chapters, you can develop a better understanding of motivation and pick up the skills to energetically pursue any task.

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