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What Is the Productivity Paradox and How Do We Solve It?

By Kayla Matthews   /     Feb 15, 2018  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

It seems logical that increased investment in a goal should make the aspiration more likely to occur, but that’s not always true in the case of productivity. In fact, researchers have identified what’s referred to as the productivity paradox while researching this phenomenon. In the early 1970s, IT had not reached the mainstream, but analysts […]

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3 Ways to Bring Personality to Your Job Interview

3 Ways to Bring Personality to Your Job Interview

By Kayla Matthews   /     Sep 25, 2017  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

With as much time as you might have spent looking at books filled with job interview tips lately, you might think an ideal experience involves you being very rehearsed and responding to the interviewer’s questions in an unflappable way. The person leading the proceedings does want to see how you react under pressure, but that […]

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6 Reasons Employers Should Encourage Personal Development Training

By Kayla Matthews   /     Aug 23, 2017  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

When you hear the words “personal development,” do you think they apply to the workplace? If you don’t, you’re not alone. In many ways, personal development training sounds like something a person needs to work on in their spare time, when they’re away from work, but that’s not necessarily the case. Personal development training can […]

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career assessment tests

7 Career Assessment Websites to Help You Find Your Life’s Calling

By Kayla Matthews   /     Apr 06, 2016  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

Teachers, authors, doctors, famous athletes — children declare their future careers in all kinds of fields thinking they know exactly what they’re going to be when they grow up. For some, those declarations are their real dreams. Their callings stay with them through their teen and college years, guiding them to pursue the right educational […]

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