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friend with low self esteem

5 Ways to Help a Friend With Low Self-Esteem

By Kayla Matthews   /     Oct 13, 2017  /     Culture & Communication  /     0 Comment

Self-esteem is the way we regard ourselves. We can be proud of our accomplishments or actions and have positive self-esteem, or we can beat ourselves up mentally for some perceived fault or failing and exhibit negative self-esteem. Most of us know what to do when we experience low self-esteem. We engage in some reliable pick-me-up […]

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Science-Backed Reasons to Take Breaks at Work

By Kayla Matthews   /     Oct 01, 2017  /     Productivity Hacks, Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

As human beings, we tell ourselves on a regular basis that there’s more to life than work. Unfortunately, we don’t really act like it. Most of the publicly available statistics on the current state of our work-life balances seem to suggest we’re averse to the idea of taking vacations. Increasingly, we don’t even let ourselves […]

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What Kids Can Teach Us About Being Happy

What Kids Can Teach Us About Being Happy

By Kayla Matthews   /     Aug 25, 2017  /     Productivity Hacks  /     0 Comment

Being happy is an essential life goal everyone works toward, but many forget happiness is an inherent state of being that emerges in the every day, especially from children. A three-year-old girl chases bubbles at the family reunion while everyone else fills up on barbecue, hot dogs and burgers. A five-year-old boy will not take […]

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