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No Motivation? No Problem: How to Be Productive

By Kayla Matthews   /     Jan 12, 2018  /     Health Inspiration  /     1 Comment

There are plenty of different ideas and opinions on the subject of motivation. Some people see the condition as a genuine psychological problem deserving of scientific study and research. Others approach the issue philosophically, attempting to delve into the metaphysical to gain insight and comprehension. There are also those who see people suffering from no […]

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How Dancing Can Help You Live Longer

By Kayla Matthews   /     Sep 06, 2017  /     Health Inspiration  /     0 Comment

Shake it! Move it and groove it! That’s what researchers are saying you should do if you want to live longer. Shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars” are sticking around TV land. “Footloose,” “Save the Last Dance,” “Dirty Dancing” and “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights” are classic dance films […]

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how to avoid stress like worry-free people

6 Things Worry-Free People Do to Avoid Stress

By Kayla Matthews   /     Feb 24, 2016  /     Health Inspiration  /     1 Comment

It might be amazing to think about, but not everyone is stressed all the time. Those people who aren’t always stressed aren’t necessarily peaceful monks either, but normal people with similar pressures and expectations that you and I have. So what’s the difference between the stressed and the nonstressed? You could say that stress has […]

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4 Ways to Use Your Emotions to Be More Productive

By Kayla Matthews   /     Nov 05, 2014  /     Health Inspiration  /     0 Comment

Do you ever feel like the more you try to be productive, the less you actually get done? While productivity is often dependent on your willingness to get tasks done, over-thinking can often be more detrimental. When thinking of productivity, people usually think of functional productivity — the rational, practical application of our time and […]

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