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How Learning Another Language Helps Your Memory

By Kayla Matthews   /     Dec 22, 2014  /     Culture & Communication, Health Inspiration  /     0 Comment

Many of us probably agree that it’s pretty cool to know more than one language, and we can agree that it’d definitely come in handy when traveling abroad or communicating with others. However, did you know that it actually works wonders for your mind and memory as well? If you’ve been needing a little push […]

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everything will be alright

How to Say “Everything Will Be Alright” in 12 Different Languages

By Kayla Matthews   /     Dec 09, 2014  /     Culture & Communication  /     2 Comments

Everyone gets a little down sometimes. Sadness is an inevitable part of life that not one person in this world is immune to. However, with a bit of help and kindness, sadness becomes treatable. It’s up to each individual to make the world a better place by consoling others regardless of differences. Why It’s Important […]

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