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What Is Alternate Nostril Breathing?

By Kayla Matthews   /     Jan 24, 2017  /     Health Inspiration, Productivity Hacks  /     0 Comment

Alternate nostril breathing is a simple but effective breathing technique that calms the body and the mind. In Sanskrit it’s called Nadi Shodhana, and many people use it before or during meditation to quiet the mind before practice. It calms racing thoughts that people experience during bouts of anxiety and helps them fall asleep easier. […]

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5 Kinds of Music for Meditating

By Kayla Matthews   /     Jun 16, 2015  /     Culture & Communication, Health Inspiration  /     1 Comment

Meditation is becoming more popular as people from all walks of life discover its many benefits. Therapists recommend meditation to patients struggling with anxiety and depression. Business leaders meditate to improve mental discipline and focus. And for many people meditation is a spiritual practice through which they strive to reach higher states of consciousness. Whatever […]

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How Meditation Can Make You More Productive

By Kayla Matthews   /     Dec 02, 2014  /     Culture & Communication, Health Inspiration  /     0 Comment

Ancient practices like yoga and meditation are widely touted for their stress-relieving, life-rejuvenating powers, but did you know that meditative practices can increase your productivity as well? Meditation might appear to have more to do with slowing down than with speeding up, but it turns out that the opportunity to slow down is just one […]

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