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Workout Quotes

These Workout Quotes Will Make You Actually Want To Exercise

By Kayla Matthews   /     Sep 08, 2017  /     Health Inspiration, Motivational Quotes  /     0 Comment

You’re waiting for the right dream to encourage you to get up and out of bed, but those covers and pillows are just so comfortable. You’ve got to get up to go to the gym, but every time you find an excuse. Find motivation instead — gym motivation. Even if it takes a vision board, […]

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exercise quickly

Exercise Routines That Take Less Than 20 Minutes

By Kayla Matthews   /     Oct 28, 2015  /     Health Inspiration  /     1 Comment

Finding the time to exercise is always a huge challenge. Work and home responsibilities fill our days, leaving no extra time. Exercise routines often fall to the wayside and this has a negative impact on your overall health. So does a shorter exercise offer health benefits? Research says yes. “Gone are the days when we […]

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