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De-Stress After Work

6 Ways to De-Stress After Work

By Kayla Matthews   /     Oct 23, 2017  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

Work can cause stress that lingers on beyond your working hours. Since stress can cause damaging health effects, it’s in everyone’s best interest to de-stress after work. People who de-stress after work can put themselves in a happier, more productive place. Of course, the energy sapped from a long day of work can prompt negative […]

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work you love

How to Do Work You Love

By Kayla Matthews   /     May 31, 2017  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

When navigating your career, making money is nice, but in time, you start to think about doing work you love rather than work that just pays the bills. That’s easier said than done, of course. For example, you may have a particular talent or skill, but that skill may not translate to work you love […]

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know when to help a coworker

How to Recognize When a Coworker Needs Help

By Kayla Matthews   /     Dec 28, 2015  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

You’ve probably listened to an advice show on the radio or read message board posts that gave you some perspective into how much people can struggle and go through their battles seemingly without anyone ever noticing their distress. You may have even found yourself wondering out loud, “How could everyone in that person’s life miss […]

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Should You Give Up Hobbies for Better Productivity at Work?

By Kayla Matthews   /     Jul 17, 2015  /     Work Productivity  /     0 Comment

A workplace that inspires passion and drive often houses employees who are genuinely connected to their work. This helps to create a phenomenal work output. However, mental fatigue is certainly a downside of being consumed by work even while at home. A perpetual yearning to perform one’s job productively can cut into time for small […]

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