How Taking A Vacation Can Make You More Productive

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How Taking a Vacation Can Make You More Productive

Throwing yourself into your job can be a fulfilling experience. Many people find joy out of doing it, because it gives them a work family to bond with and accomplishments that help add to their self-confidence. Working hard can also bring you a step closer to that raise, or the vacation time you’d like, which is why vacation and productivity aren’t viewed as one leading to the other.

The truth is that vacation and productivity actually show some correlation when it comes to workers doing better on the job. It may seem like backwards thinking, but vacation can help increase productivity in a number of ways. Everyone should try it out for themselves, especially since it means taking time to relax and let the work stress go for a few days.

More Rest Means More Concentration

To prove the point that vacation and productivity were essential for workers to be more productive, Harvard Business School performed a study that evaluated workers who took breaks versus workers who didn’t. While this wasn’t the same as heading out for a weekend at the beach, the study concluded that workers who took breaks were nine percent more productive than those who didn’t take breaks at all.

The breaks that were taken by study subjects were less than twenty minutes long, so the next time you decide to browse the internet instead of finishing a presentation pamphlet, time yourself. Give yourself just a few minutes to relax and then finish up that project.

Increased Sleep Helps Your Mind

Everyone knows that if you don’t sleep well during the night, you’re going to have a harder time getting your mind to wake up in the morning. You’ll probably feel groggy at your desk and find yourself nodding off in front of your computer screen. Sometimes it’s difficult to get better sleep when your mind is churning with work stresses all day long.

When you take a vacation, your brain falls asleep easier, which will help you wake up and be ready to go to work. Not getting enough sleep actually hurts your cognitive processes, so it’s worse for you than just feeling tired all day. Take a Friday off and sleep in on a well-deserved vacation.

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Nature Improves Concentration

The word “vacation” may make you think of the beach, but you might want to try going on a hiking trip instead. Being immersed in nature has proven to significantly improve concentration more so than taking a quick walk during your lunch break. Throw on your hiking boots and pack a bag for the nearest mountain getaway spot. You’ll be glad you did when you come back to work and can more easily focus on tasks at hand.

Vacation Changes Perspective

No matter where you go on a vacation, you’re going to have to step out of your normal life and experience something different or new. This helps open up your world view by exposing you to all that life has to offer. When you get back to work, you’ll have a better idea of why doing your best at your job is so important. Better perspective will give you more gratefulness for what you have, and you’ll naturally want to work to show how thankful you are.

If you’re struggling with your productivity at work, it may be time for you to take a few days off. You may not want to, because you feel a need to focus on getting all assignments turn it and checked off your list, but it could be exactly what you need.

With a little bit of rest, relaxation and some space to see things from a new perspective, you’ll find yourself having a renewed energy at work to accomplish everything that’s thrown your way.

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