What is the Most Productive Room Temperature?

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There are lots of things that can reduce or increase productivity. Coffee is commonly used to give people energy and increase their productivity and efficiency. A lack of sleep will do the opposite, decreasing your energy and reducing your productivity.

Yet there are other factors that affect one’s level of productivity, some of which are not always considered, such as temperature. After all, how can you concentrate on your work when you are shivering and constantly looking for an extra piece of clothing to put on, or when you are sweating and finding it hard to focus?

While it may not seem shocking to hear that temperature effects your level of productivity, it’s pretty incredible how it can increase and decrease your productivity just by changing a few degrees in either direction. Much research has been conducted on this matter, and the majority of opinions hold that a workplace should be kept between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal productivity. However, other respectable studies claimed that the best heat was as high as 77 degrees, while yet another showed that a temperature of 70-73 degrees would still only make about 70% of people happy.

But the truth is, everyone is different. There are a number of factors to consider when discerning which temperature would allow you to be the most productive.

1. Time of Year

Every season has different weather, and our bodies tend to get used to that temperature. As a result, in the winter we are more comfortable in higher temperatures whereas in the heat of the summer, we would rather be in cooler temperatures. Therefore, our temperature preferences will be slightly different every month.

2. How Much You Weigh

The more you weigh, the warmer you tend to be. As a result, you need it to be cooler for you to be able to be at an optimal level of productivity, whereas the skinnier you are, the warmer you need it to be.

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3. How Old You Are

Studies have shown that people over the age of 55 tend to slowly get more and more uncomfortable in the cold. As you get older, you will need to set the temperature higher and higher in order to remain comfortable.

4. Where You Live

Just like different weather affects your body temperature differently, so does the climate where you live. The hotter a location is, the more comfortable the people who live there will be in the heat. Similarly, the humidity in an area can affect a person’s ideal temperature. If it’s 84 degrees but not very humid, you may be quite comfortable, whereas the same temperature with a high level of humidity can be incredibly uncomfortable.

While it’s clear that every person has a different temperature which, for them, is the most comfortable and can lead them to be able to be as productive as possible, everyone’s is different. While 71 degrees is a safe estimate of what can be good for most, you have to think about it on your own to see if you work better in colder or warmer temperatures.

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