What’s Your Productivity Personality?

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In case you haven’t heard, all people are unique. We all have our own perspectives and special ways of doing things. So why should productivity be any different? Just because the list-makers and professional organizers dominate the how-to market for productivity doesn’t mean their methods work for all of us.

Figuring out which productivity personality you carry will change the way you tackle to-dos. Read about the details of different personality types and individualized advice for each below to tap into your most productive self.

The Productivity Guru

There are, of course, those of us that love to make lists and thrive while working on multiple projects at once. We are the ones typically targeted by the How-to Productivity Guides – although we probably need them less than everyone else.

We are structured to the max and want to assume the fetal position if something doesn’t go as planned. Our ability to multi-task is impressive, and we take pride in our organizational skills.

All people within this personality category should just keep on doing what they’re doing, basically. You know the drill: lists, calendars and systematic multitasking will be your tools to productive success. Just try to be a little more flexible and adaptive to changes, as they’re bound to come around sometime.

The Excitable Extrovert

Are you the kind of person that gets excited about new things? The one who throws logic and caution to the wind to jump on a Brazil-bound plane with the guy you met yesterday? If so, productivity, for you, has nothing to do with lists and organizing.

You will probably benefit most from working on only one project at once. Your passion should be focused into a single task, or else you may fail to see the point in completing it. Whether its organizing your storage unit, getting accepted to grad school or just finishing a project for work, you’re most productive when you can give you all to one thing at a time.

The People Person

You can’t bear to let others down. Connecting with others is the force that drives you through life. While the introverted crowd is fueled by its own needs, your work is done best with interpersonal bonding and interaction.

Sharpen your productive edge by telling others what you’re working on. Say, for example, you need to complete a lengthy assignment by tomorrow at noon. Fill in a friend or co-worker and have them give you some direction. You don’t need someone to hold your hand through the process, but this will just make your obligations much more enjoyable for you.

Always keep in mind the way someone will benefit from your completed business. Think of the people that will be pleased with your accomplishments. When you put a face behind the assignment, it will make the project seem more worth your while.

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The Competitive Spirit

If beating out the other guy is what drives you, welcome to the competitive group. Your work is done best when you have someone else – a competitor – in mind. You also thrive when thinking in terms of numbers and concrete information – like being the objective best blogger amongst your co-workers by having the highest number of site visits, for example. It’s a measurable success that no one can debate.

As stated, you love numbers (like being #1). You can optimize productivity by charting and graphing work completed. Keep track of fulfilled duties in a concrete manner, as subjective productivity will mean nothing to you.

The Soul Searcher

Metrics and calculated productivity bore you. Friends call you deep and even sometimes dense, but you’re comfortable with your soul-feeding demeanor. Unlike you’re competitive and logical counterparts, you seek something more meaningful–something more fulfilling than completing mountains of tasks.

Someone of your mentality should seek personal growth from the things that need completed. Think about the way you’ll develop through the process of getting your work done. Perhaps keeping a journal about your finished duties will make them mean more to you.

As you can see, you shouldn’t be ashamed if you don’t love making lists. There are many types of productive personalities, and no one is better than another –just different. Now that you know which group you’re in, all you need is a project – or numerous projects – to tackle.

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