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Your schedule is packed, but there’s still more that you wish you could do — and despite your best efforts, you can’t find a way to squeeze even one more second out of your week. At times like these, you can turn to personal time management apps to transform your schedule, cut out wasted time and optimize your time management.

Below, we’ll cover some of the best personal time management software out there — and we’ll also walk you through some of the best ways to know how good a piece of time management software and whether or not it’s working for you.

The Best Personal Time Management Software

Here are three of the best pieces of time management software to get you started.

1. Timely

Timely is a time tracking app that records how much time you spend using different pieces of software to let you keep a record of how you spend your computer time at work.

The best part? Timely is fully automatic and works without using a start/stop button — so even if you forget to start the timer, Timely will still record what you’re working on. Even the most forgetful person can use Timely to better understand how they’re using their time.

The software also produces graphs and charts so you can see at a glance how you’re using your time — which projects take longer than expected, which take less and how much time you spend taking breaks.

2. Todoist

Todoist is a task manager and schedule that delivers a customized, bullet-point to-do list straight to you every day. Just set up your tasks for the week and each morning, Todoist will remind you what needs to get done.

What makes Todoist better than a traditional list or calendar is that it allows you to mark and organize your tasks by priority and type — so shopping tasks can be put away until work is done, and your to-do list will automatically bump the most important tasks above lower-priority ones, giving you a constant reminder of your highest priorities. This makes Todoist great whether you need ways to save time in the office or at home.

Organized well, a Todoist list can be a great way to keep track of every task without getting overwhelmed by the small stuff.

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3. RescueTime

RescueTime is a time management app designed to alert you to inefficient uses of your time. When active, the app will automatically record what you’re working on and alert you if you spend more time than expected on a task or get distracted for too long.

With this app, you can also know how you’re using your time with interactive visualizations and set goals to help improve your time management. RescueTime will also send you a report every week on how you’ve been using your time.

Evaluating Time Management Software

You won’t always know right away if a piece of time management software will work for you — but there are a few ways to help you tell if an app or piece of software will be worth its learning curve.

A good piece of time management software should be intuitive — right away, you’ll be able to see how to use its features to optimize your use of time. The software should also be flexible and fit in nicely with your current schedule planning techniques —  you should find it easy to combine the software with time management tricks and hacks to make your schedule even more efficient.

If a piece of software doesn’t feel like it’s working for you, that can be a good enough reason for you to ditch it. If find yourself struggling with a piece of time management software, first be sure that you’re not making any time management mistakes — then, if you still haven’t noticed any improvements, it’s more likely that the software is failing you rather than the other way around.

Instead of continuing to use the software, try to get a feel for which of its features helped the most, which didn’t and move on with that knowledge in mind. There is plenty of time management software out there, and you’re almost certain to find the perfect fit in time.

Optimizing Your Schedule With Time Management Software

When you don’t have a second to spare, you can use time management software to optimize your schedule and find ways to use your time more efficiently.

There are a huge number of time management apps to choose from. To know if you’re picking one worth your time, check the features it offers and consider whether or not they’ll help you save time. If a piece of software doesn’t help you find more time, even after an extended period of use, move on to the next option.

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